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High Income Opportunities

Professional commercial and single-family home renovators often find traditional funding timelines too restrictive. Sun Peak Investments caters specifically to these needs, offering swift, flexible financing options that enable private lenders to command premiums on their capital.

We ensure high current income through exclusive real estate opportunities that are typically out of reach for most investors.

Secure Investment Foundations

Our loans are secured with a first lien on real estate assets, and borrowers contribute 20%-25% of the purchase capital. Sun Peak Investments enhances security by buying below retail value and improving properties through renovations, ensuring a comfortable margin of safety and protecting investor capital.

High Liquidity Investments

Sun Peak Investments focuses on short-term, high-liquidity investments secured by first trust deeds, mirroring the 12% preferred return structure. Our strategy ensures quick asset turnover and solid returns, aligning with our commitment to exceptional yield and investment security.


Minimizing Risk Through Diversification

By building a diversified portfolio of secured loans from multiple borrowers, Sun Peak Investments minimizes the risk of default. This approach underpins the enduring value of real estate investments, offering stability and reducing exposure in volatile markets.


Reliable Financial Performance

We offer a fixed 10% rate of return, significantly higher than traditional fixed-income investments. Our expertise in securing exclusive real estate deals ensures that your investment is not only safe but also highly productive, with returns that consistently outpace market averages.


Rigorous Investment Screening

Sun Peak Investments purchases loans exclusively from brokers and bankers who perform detailed and consistent underwriting. Our process includes comprehensive assessments of real estate markets and borrower relationships, ensuring investments are sound and secure.

In Every Loan Acquisition, Prioritizing Investor Interests Defines Our Commitment

We Take the Following Measures to Safeguard Investor Investments:

Emphasizing Investor Security

Our investment decisions always put our investors first. We focus on limiting risks to ensure the safety and growth of their investments. Sun Peak Investments opts for strategies that provide stable returns, even if it means sacrificing some potential upside.


Strategic Investment Approach

Sun Peak Investments prefers strategies that are challenging for larger competitors, allowing us to capture above-average returns. We avoid overly competitive markets to preserve the quality and exclusivity of our investment opportunities.

Investing in Undervalued Assets

We specialize in investing in undervalued assets, such as properties acquired through first trust deeds post-financial crisis. Sun Peak avoids speculative investments based on market timing, focusing instead on solid, predictable returns.

Specialized Niche Market Expertise

Our deep knowledge of niche markets provides a robust foundation for our investment strategies. Sun Peak Investments capitalizes on this expertise, ensuring a thorough understanding of the risks and rewards associated with each investment.

Capitalizing on Economic Insights

We actively explore long-term demographic trends to identify prime investment opportunities. This strategic insight allows us to invest in urban areas favored by millennials, ensuring our properties meet current and future demands.Simultaneously, we see a limited supply of high-quality properties in very desirable urban neighborhoods where demand is strongest. Our point of view on these trends drives many of our investment decisions.

Customer-Centric Development

Sun Peak Investments is committed to building infrastructure and developing vertically integrated platforms to meet specific customer needs. This approach ensures we are well-positioned to capitalize on niche market opportunities and deliver tailored investment solutions.

Adaptive Market Strategies

We maintain flexibility in our investment strategies, enabling us to respond rapidly to market shifts. This nimbleness allows Sun Peak Investments to optimize asset performance across varying economic conditions, ensuring your investments remain productive and secure.


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